Enjoy Opening Ceremonies and Stage Performances Featuring Japanese Traditional Arts as well as Niku Fes’s Popular Shops! Nippon Konamon Association to Join the Event!

「MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015 in TOKYO will offer all kinds of shows and content on the stage, including a Wadaiko team called DIA+, Nihon Buyo performer Kotoomi Hanayagi, Syamisen artist Yuji Kubota and several ukiyoe artists as well as something more edgy in the form of a fashion show accompanied by Eiichi Saeki’s modern music. For anime fans, the festival will also hold a special runway show featuring professional cosplayers, and the World Cosplay Summit Stage, where Japanese representatives of the summit will showcase a special performance.

What’s more, a food festival titled JAPAN FOOD FESTIVAL, will take place in the outdoor area. Aside from offering a wide variety of delicious Japanese dishes, the area will also present some of the most well-known meat dishes with the help of Niku Fes. At Niku Fes, a total of nine restaurants will join the festival, including Kadozaki Jukuseiniku Kakunoshin, which won three awards in autumn 2014 and spring 2015, Nishi-Azabu Kimuratetsu Aburiya Midori, a t op-notch sirloin katsu restaurant and Shibuya Horuichi, which is famous for its grilled beef tongue topped with spring onions and sesame oil.

What’s more, it’s been announced that Nippon Konamon Association would participate in the event, and will offer real takoyaki and Dontonbori yakisoba made by local chefs. Other highlights include CharaCre!’s famous character-themed crepes, the Robot Restaurant booth, various workshops at the MOSHI MOSHI BOX information centre and Japanese matsuri attractions such as Yo-Yo water balls, quoits, face masks and cork gun games.