Want to dress like your favourite models? Why not get your hands on fashion items pre-owned by them?

《Participating models》(Listed in Japanese alphabetical order)
AMIAYA, Hitomi Ueno, Misa Kimura, Ren Koseki, Saki Shibata, Hikari Shibata, Ayumi Seto, Rina Tanaka, Ema Tanioku, Eri Tanioku, Culumi Nakada, Mei Nagasawa, Rinko Murata, Anna Yano, Yuna Yabe, Una , Yura, YuRi and more

《How to Participate》
Sign up for a free membership for HARAJUKU KAWAii!! STYLE!
→You can register here< http://asbs.jp/member.php >
You will receive a Flea Market Registration Screen!
Display your Registration Screen on your phone and show it to our friendly staff at the entrance.
*We recommend that you bookmark the Registration Screen so you can get in with ease!

・ Participating models are subject to change.
・ We have only a selected number of items, so please arrive early to grab what you want!
・ We may have to limit the number of people entering the area to prevent it from being over-crowed.
・ Only one person can enter per one Registration Page. (Children without a mobile phone can get in as long as their guardians register for the event)
・ Please bring small changes (500yen and 1000yen) for a smoother shopping experience.
・ Please bring some shopping bags as we don’t have any bags prepared.