World Cosplay Summit to Be Held on the 6th! Niku Fes Reveals All Nine Participating Stores!

MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015 in TOKYO will offer a wide variety of stage shows and events, including a cosplay runway show that features all kinds of famous characters, and World Cosplay Summit Stage where Japanese representatives of the contest will give a special performance.

Outside of the venue will also have a bunch of food booths – JAPAN FOOD FESTIVAL, and Japan’s largest meat celebration Niku Fes! From Niku Fes, nine restaurants will offer their well-known, exquisite meat dishes – Kanzaki Jukuseiniku Kakunoshin, who won the Grand Prize in 2014 Autumn and 2015 Spring, as well as eight other high-end restaurants such as efe Kebab, Oita Karaage Restaurant Torian, Ginza Gyucho Kajushowagyu, Shibuya Horuichi, Niku no Takumi Shotaian, Niku Ryori Kenkyujo (Niku Lab), Nishi-Azabu Kimura Tetsu Aburiya En and Milky Snow. Come try some of the most hard-to-get-into restaurants and treat yourself with the flavour of Japan at the festival!