Nov. 6 (Fri) – 8 (Sun) 2015 at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium



MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015 in TOKYO kicked off its first day on 6 Nov! After touring around the world, including NY, Bangkok, Paris, London and Singapore, MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON team was ready to unleash its massive J-pop celebration here in Japan. For Day 1 titled MOSHI ANI, all kinds of anime singers and idols gathered at Tokyo National Gymnasium.

As the sky got darker, people started making a long queue in front of the concert venue, and anticipated a good start for this massive three-day festival.During the opening show, MOSHI MOSHI STAGE was filled with authentic Japanese wadaiko (Japanese drums) sounds and fierce and rhythmical shouts. TEMPURA KIDZ also performed as part of the team, wearing colourful, Japanese-and-Western-mixed outfits. Holding a glow stick in one hand, they surprised the audience with a unique collaboration with Ginyu Tokusentai.

The next up was Hachioji P, who’s known nationally and internationally for his vocaloid-featured music. From Hatsune Miku to Perfrume’s Spring of Life to Tell Your World, he played a total of 10 songs. “Ready to get excited?” “Let’s jump!” as he yelled into his mic, more people in the audience started to rock their bodies along to the music.

At NIPPON STAGE, Rinne Yoshida fascinated the crowd with her strong stage presence. She’s only 14 but she has a much deeper voice for her age, and her set with four dancers was more like watching an art. Rinne sang five songs, including Chitose Tsuzuri, which is used as the theme song for game Iwaihime.

Above the Moshi Moshi Nippon stage is a huge screen with Mt. Fuji-inspired decoration. There is also a big yugura in the middle of the venue and a number of booths at the back where concertgoers can get their hands on rare items pre-owned by models or get their hair done by professional hairdressers. At a clothing booth, models such as Ren Koseki, Yuna Yabe and Ema and Eri Tanioku, held a rock paper scissors contest with fans, and lucky winners won bags of gorgeous freebies! Looking at the site, the interactive fan meeting had a lot of fans cheering and smiling with excitement.

Now, let’s take a look back at MOSHI MOSHI STAGE. Runa Haruna appeared on stage wearing a white feathered dress. After finishing off her first song Overfly, she urged responses from the audience by asking them “Are you enjoying MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON?” She also teased fans with Sweet Fantasy, a tune from her upcoming mini album, as well as the announcement of a Christmas event. When she was asked the name of the event, she revealed that she forgot the name of the event in a little bit hesitant and shy way. We don’t know the event name but we know we’ll get a chance to see her around Christmas!

The next up was singer-songwriter Yanaginagi! She’s actually known as a big lover of fans, she revealed that she enjoyed some meat from Niku Fes. The singer finished off her live set with her debut single Vidro Moyou.

Livetune+, a duo consisting of kz (livetune+) and Anna Yano, gave the very first performance in the public. The duo got the audience rocking with their well-known collaboration song Shape My Story.
Their very first performance of Jump Up put a smile on the faces of the audience members.

The appearance of May’n revved up the audience even more! The singer sang a whole chorus of Yoake no Logos for the first time, and had the whole audience putting glow sticks in the air.

The closing act of MOSHI ANI was SID. The band showered the audience with a total of five songs, including relatively new songs such as Hyoryu, V.I.P and Uso. Golden silver confetti threw in the air, and got the audience cheering with excitement. Mao, the main vocalist, revealed that he was kind of afraid of performing along with other female performers as they are too cute!
The story prompted laughter among the audience.

Day 2, titled MOSHI POP, will open at 2PM and feature artists such as and Natsume Mito as well as Harajuku-based models. Outside the venue is also a lot of fun with a number of free booths where you can enjoy matsuri activities and eat delicious meat dishes. The outside area will be open at 10:45AM. Come join in the fun on Day 2!